Promarosa, has being  is in the Fish industry    processing  and exporting fresh and frozen  fish  already 22 years, we can offer  the best quality of products  and guarantee   we  can work with the best standards of our quality control and  environment,

Our controls of HACCP, Traacebility and Safety Security  is the most important goal  to reach  every day.

Our experience has made us reach  the most important markets as USA, Eastern and Western Europe South and Central America, committing us  to offer you a various species for all the markets, and be very proactive looking always for new products and developing  new markets, we invite  you to  see our website and receive all your requirements and needs.




- Student catches record 890 lb blue marlin off Tobago, rewarded with $415,000.

- World's First Organic Cod Farm Closes; 'Underestimated the Feed Costs'.

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